Over the past year we have been working hard to eliminate floral foam from our designs. Floral foam is the a crumbly green substance that has been used in traditional floristry arrangements as a foundation that stems can be pushed into. Big blocks of floral foam are soaked in water and then taped to the vessel the florist is using to keep flowers in the arrangements in water and fresh.

Floral foam is a staple in most event florists’ cupboards and it has taken us a while to stop using it ourselves. It is a great anchor for arrangements and keeps flowers in place as well as in water, meaning it is a perfect medium to use as a foundation for neat and large scale event work.


The problem with floral foam is that it is non biodegradable and therefore harmful to the environment. There is no recyclable way to dispose of the stuff once you are finished with it, and each block can only be used once. Not only will the blocks sit in landfills for years, tiny particles of foam that are left in the water it has been soaking in, will be tipped out at the end of the day, and these harmful particles will eventually make their way into the water system.

To avoid using foam, we use several methods and have proven that intricate designs, as well as elaborate large scale installations really can be accomplished without the need for foam. Our cupboard is now stacked with chicken wire, Kenzans, and water tubes. There is still a long way to go for us to become as eco efficient as we can be, but this is a huge step in the right direction.