We are still ploughing our way through truckloads of chocolate in the office in the aftermath of the Easter bank holiday and we couldn’t be happier about it! How amazing was the weekend of hot balmy weather in the UK?! I love any excuse for a soiree, party or to host a lunch and this means that most of my bank holidays are filled with entertaining and creating beautiful environments for my guests and myself to enjoy whilst we eat and drink and chat.

Easter is a favourite of mine because, well it’s obvious - four whole days of relaxing, making, and eating chocolate. Dare I say it, Easter can almost rival Christmas in terms of excitement for me!

The colours and flowers of spring are never more evident than when planning Easter decor for the house. I love anything with a buttery yellow hue, combined with stacks of pastel pink and touches of fresh mint. Nothing much revolutionary about a pastel colour palette, but sometimes you can’t beat the favourites, and I love to introduce a few bangs of loud colour for interest.

A spring urn filled with hydrangea, faith roses, apple blossom, sweet peas, daffodils, and an abundance of textured foliage

A spring urn filled with hydrangea, faith roses, apple blossom, sweet peas, daffodils, and an abundance of textured foliage

I don’t need to explain to you how amazing Spring flowers are. I have known brides to plan their wedding day around a certain week in May just to ensure they are able to enjoy the magnificent peony at their wedding. Spring will always be a florists favourite season because of the sheer variety of blooms that are available at market and in our growers fields. British tulips are some of the best in the world and of course, our trusty daffodils never let us down. Papery ranunculus and trailing Bleeding Heart are two of my ultimate spring favourites and I had to rewrite that sentence many times as picking favourite flowers is something that keeps me awake at night! The choices are endless.

This Easter we didn’t host once because we are very close to moving house and most of our possessions are packed up, so instead I took Easter to my mum and dad’s house. My mum is the most phenomenal cook so all I had to do was organise the table, not a chore I’m sure you’ll agree!

I had to create some mock up flowers for one of my summer brides earlier in the weekend so my family and I were lucky enough to enjoy the leftovers for our own tablescape.

A bride’s mock up flowers.

A bride’s mock up flowers.

I chose a colour palette of lilac, true pink, salmon and yellow, with some stronger accents of fuchsia pink and coral. Of course there was a lot of green foliage, moss and sticks to give the impression of a woodland Easter.


The flower arrangements were long and low, with one statement tall piece in the centre. I used Ester & Erik candles in different pastel shades to add height and interest by positioning them in my bronze candlesticks of differing heights.

Pink Bourgonvilea plate chargers sat underneath a spiral pink plate which was a cushion for cute little nests I made out of broken twigs that had fallen from our silver birch tree in the garden. A blue cotton napkin and lime green glasses added some freshness to the table and kept it feeling serene. Gold cutlery finished the look.


We ate at this table, delighted by the scent of the small but powerful sweet pea and amazed by the beautiful array of colours of spring. We drank wine and watched the sunset in the garden, and afterwards we moved the salvageable flowers (they had been sitting in my studio for almost a week so were at the end of their lives) into one bigger vase for my mum to enjoy in her kitchen for a few more days. One of the best things about a peony is the lifespan of this fascinating flower. Once it has opened at it’s most vibrant colour, it fades and is just as beautiful as it was bright!


I hope you all had a fabulous time too and haven’t found going back to work too much of a struggle. Franck the office dog hangs around by the office door throughout the day wanting to go out and sunbathe - he is most definitely still on Bank Holiday hours. Luckily for him, and us, we have another bank holiday to look forward to in a couple of weeks!