At the heart of Sian Ryan Design lies a passion for the art of social entertaining.We believe that celebrations of important milestones are paramount to an enjoyable life. A soiree, however big or small, is far from being frivolous, it is an essential escapism from every day life and a chance for you to revel in love and merriment. 

We are a visionary team of designers, stylists, florists and crafters - all of us detail obsessed and devoted to transforming spaces into visions of delight. Our infectious sense of enthusiasm and zest for the act of creating is translated into the events we produce and through to our clients. 

The Sian Ryan Design team have been turning clients’ visions into a reality for almost a decade, and whilst our business and event industry has changed greatly over the years, the core soul of our company has remained and we stay focused to bring back a forgotten sense of style to entertaining, your events and spaces.